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On the net degrees are becoming progressively popular with universities and colleges but also in Christian schools. Highly acknowledged for their traditional ways of teaching, nowadays there are several Christian colleges, schools and seminaries offering online Religious school degrees.

The same as other schools offering online training, if you sign up for an online Christian school level program you can buy your masters and PhD. Among various programs and courses, below are classes that are offered in various online Christian colleges;

Ph. M in Theology - is a program that counts 360 credits. This online Christian college or university degree is earned by successfully concluding a 60, 000 to 80, 000 word thesis and is open to those who graduated and earned their Masters level in Theology. Depending on the school, as a way to qualify students are frequently required to submit an investigation proposal which is then approved for syndication by another examiner. This kind of PhD thesis will include the independent research that is required for this program and will be released in whole or in part.
Ph. D in Biblical Studies - this online Christian college or university level is especially suitable for specialists in the ministry such as pastors who are not able to stick their ministries or move to a different place in order to follow their doctorates. Unlike other degrees, this online Religious school degree can be attained in conditions of service or an external and internal residency for the course. This is a very important degree for professionals who teach in colleges, graduate schools and seminaries. It is also an important degree for leaders who wish to establish strong teaching ministries especially international academic leaders, educators and pastors. The primary goal of this online Christian school degree is with an in depth knowledge and comprehension of the scriptures, to be able to utilize Ancient greek, Hebrew and other biblical research tools to go after biblical knowledge and infuse a genuine love for God and the ministry that they are heading to handle.
Magister artium in Leadership - this online Christian school level aims to provide assumptive, biblical and practical instructions that are necessary to be an efficient leader in ministries, churches and other organizations. Students who graduate student in the course are required to interpret the bible accurately in light of its historical and grammatical context. They should be able to talk biblical truths effectively through preaching, writing, and coaching. They need to also be able to design an structured plan to guide their ministries and organizations in a way that is steady with the biblical perspective of leadership.
Owners of Arts in Biblical Counseling - the program should prepare students to function as counselors in their ministries and churches. Present counseling that is in line with the biblical, practical education, and biblical theories and principles as required to provide management in a counseling middle or a counseling ministry. However, this online Religious college or university degree is not intended or is enough to prepare the students for the professional counselling vocation or the condition licensure.

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